Your festival selfies are about to get better, way better…

“i was there” … and i have a selfie to prove it!

Those selfies are about to get better with the coming of new selfie sticks. A simple stick that can be adapted in length with your smartphone mounted at the end.

The selfie stick gives you more angle, better capturing of the surrounding. But will be even more annoying for the person standing behind you then your just your smartphone up in the air…

So your selfies will be better.


But what about the overal experience in the crowd? Too much pictures often kills the energy and stops people dancing. If we all add some crazy looking fishing lines with our phones attached on top of it…

Selfie sticks in different colors
In case you want to buy a stick. You can find some very basic, but good ones here.

Our advice would be to leave the stick at home, just take your phone to capture the moments. But leave it in your pocket most of the time and be in the moment. Capture it with all your senses and make sure it’s unforgettable for you and your friends.

Have fun out there.

UMF Miami 2014 – Best festival aftermovie

Amazing when a festival aftermovie gives you goosebumps over and over again. Building to a climax, perfectly capturing the energy and love that was present. For 2014 our personal favorite is the UMF Miami 2014 aftermovie. They have taken it up to a another level. For us it’s the best festival aftermovie of the year. Watch, put your speakers or headphones on maximum volume and enjoy the journey.

YouTube Preview Image

First drop at 3:42 … goosebumps never lie!

Festival girls that get you through the cold winter

A small selection of some of the finest festival girls. On every festival there are all kinds of festive femmes, in outfits ranging from classy bon-vivant to funky-fluo to bikini beach.
It’s is exactly the kind of thing we love about the summer photos.

You’re nothing without good sound

Going to a festival is about feeling the music and getting into the vibe.

For all the fans that couldn’t make it, all major festivals are now creating after-movies (on youtube or even on dvd) or streaming the whole festival online.

Hearing the music in full force and getting the vibe at home, is one of the things speakercompany Bang & Olufsen is delivering for their sellers. At this moment they started a new video campaign about their design and how they work, to get the best music sound in your living room.

Do you feel the vibe and sound already?

Dutch festival Lowlands sold-out in less than 2 hours

One of the famous Dutch summerfestivals is the Lowlands festival which will take place on 16-18 august 2013 at Biddinghuizen (province Flevoland) in the Netherlands.

Like last year the presale of the 55.000 festivaltickets for the 21th edition was sold-out in less than 2 hours last Saturday.

It’s always remarkable that a festival is selling out already, before the line-up is communicated by the organizers. This shows again that the public is just buying a ticket for a festival based on the mouth-to-mouth marketing from the edition from last year.

Because the rockfestival Lowlands is always placed in the same weekend as the Belgian festival Pukkelpop, both festivals can work together to attract bigger acts for their line-up, because they can play a gig at both festivals.
lowlands festival

Beyond Wonderland 2013 info and details

Less then 2 months before the 2013 Beyond Wonderland edition and still no website or ticket info available online (see Beyond Wonderland festival info page)…


More and more festivals are starting to sell tickets six to eight months prior to the festival date, with almost no headliners released or info online. Waiting so long to release anything and even nothing about tickets is a big gamble as a festival organiser. Or is it well calculated marketing that enhances the mysterious atmosphere about Beyond Wonderland?

Last year the Beyond Wonderland festival suffered from a problem with their ticketing system. Having people wait for hours to get confirmation and ultimately having a major crash in the system shutting down the whole online ticketing.

Official communication from January 2012:

Unfortunately due to incredibly high demand for tickets, the Flavorus system was unable to handle the amount of purchases.  Ticketing will be suspended temporarily.  Their teams are currently working on adjusting the system so that it can adequately handle the high demand.  They have informed us that this should be ready by Wednesday.

Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella:

“The fan experience is my priority, and that experience begins at buying your tickets. I want everyone to know that the Flavorus ticketing company will be working diligently to fix the crash. They are shutting down the system until it is fixed because I didn’t want anyone waiting 4+ hours for a transaction to go through, that’s a very frustrating experience.”

Hopefully the Flavorus ticket-system is ready for the rush of 2013. We are desperately waiting for all info to be released.


Beyond wonderland costumes

Every year the Beyond Wonderland dancers and acts are wearing wonderful and edgy costumes. This together with the marvellous decorations and lights at the festival site creates a unique setting.

But hej… all the visitors are now wearing great Wonderland-a-like clothing as well.


In 2012 Paris Hilton visited Beyond Wonderland as “Alice”…. euh “Paris”.



Fuji Rock and Summer Sonic added

Just added two very different Japanese festivals to the list. Which one would you visit?

Fuji Rock

Fuji Rock which is held in the Naeba Ski Resort, high up in the mountains far away from daily life. Known for it’s fresh air, spiritual atmosphere and respect for nature.

Summer Sonic

Two simultaneously held festivals in Osaka and Chiba in the middle of the city.

Let’s get this thing started

Okay! Ready, set, go! … Tadaaa we are online! All the website’s features should be working correctly (except from the voting which will be launched pretty soon).

Just added the first festivals to the database and I there will be a lot to follow! If you have suggestions. Please use the “add your festival” form to get your festival of choice on this website. If it’s not in the list, people can’t vote for it!

Please let me know if you experience any difficulties or troubles browsing this website. We try to get all the bugs out a-s-a-p!

Happy browsing!